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I think customers should know that a store is selling products that are rotten, then refuses to pay or even replace the products. Please, someone from the municipality should regulate such places. The owner seems to systematically treat customers this way, a fact I knew only after reading reviews of similar experience, sadly only after purchasing from there few items. Would you trust your money in a place that would sell you bad products and refuse to give you your money's worth? Along the way treating you with passive dismissive attitude? The owner of the store refused to replace the pack of pens i bought only few hours earlier today, even though one was totally dried out of ink, and other pens were almost dried out. His daughter even agreed with the fact that the pen doesnt write. He sarcastically said that it does write then disregard my request to replace it. He knew he would get away with it. Big boss on small customers? Well, he should be regulated. He runs an unethical business, and I think we have the right to get our money back, even if its 50 cent. But who will make a legal complaint on few pounds? He sure knows that, and relies on this fact to sell bad products. This is how he seems to make profit. I've moved to Glasgow two years ago, and never have I met such disgrace in service I purchased. Go to the Yellow Shop instead. Its few feet away.

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